IBM Thinkpad R40 Series Type 2681

IBM Thinkpad R40 BIOS upgrade process with Grub4DOS, and other useful links

A Year With Symfony by Matthias Noback

A great book on the Symfony2 framework and a must-read for every PHP developer

How to use a forked repository in your composer.json

How to use a forked repository in your composer.json (and try out Zend Framework Twitter Service)

Signaling PHP by Cal Evans: Catching Signals in PHP CLI Scripts

Cal Evans shows how to use operating system signals to correctly manage PHP CLI application. Great book for everyone.

Recursive download from shared hosting FTP

IBM Thinkpad r40 BIOS upgrade process with Grub4DOS and other useful links.

Seagate BlackArmor 400 NAS

My experience with the Seagate BlackArmor 400 NAS and zero-filling drives using dd and DiskWizard

Testing Apigility Code-Connected REST APIs

The recently announced Apigility arrives just when I'm experimenting ways to create and maintain my own set of APIs. So I could not resist to giving this new Zend tool a try.

Web Dehydrator: Any web-page to JSON!

Web Dehydrator is a tool that helps transform web-pages to JSON. Uses Zend Framework 2, Symfony DomCrawler and PhantomJS

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Bookmarks of the week 2013-03-29